Y in the Valley

Y in the Valley is dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs and executives how to innovate through exclusive podcasts and webinars.


Faisal Masud, CTO of Staples, talks risk-taking, disruption and the future of retail

In this episode, Faisal shares his insights and vision of the future with Ashish Toshniwal.

The “App for That” Era is Over

Why Chatbots Will Dominate Digital in 2017 - watch the webinar recap

4 of the Most Important Questions in Enterprise Mobile Today

Suhas has navigated the past 18 years of change with mobile platforms, and he has plenty of information to share on the future of mobile

What entrepreneurs can learn from the growth of ZICO Coconut Water

In this episode, Mark shares the entrepreneurial highs and lows of his business story and ​explains ​why you shouldn’t​ always​ settle for the lowest-hanging fruit

Y in the Valley: A New Podcast for Innovators

Join Y in the Valley, a podcast that ​will​ help you learn from the best innovators in the digital space!

How Internet of Things will soon change your life – with KeenHome (featured on SharkTank)

Learn about IoT's potential to reshape consumers​'​ lives and to change how companies collect data and create personalized experiences with their customers

Virtual Reality – Is your company ready for the next big thing?

Virtual Reality will change our lives​ in ways we don't even know yet​. Discover how you can get ahead of the competition in this emerging market

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