Buy in bulk. Save time & money.

The Challenge

Klub from Staples is online wholesale shopping made easy, with huge deals on new boxed products in categories ranging from home essentials, health and beauty products to office essentials with free two day shipping on most products.

Y Media partnered with Staples to blur the lines between online and offline shopping. We studied every aspect of online shopping to create a truly seamless experience that would give the user what they want within seconds of opening the app.

Skip the lines at the warehouse club store and get the same great savings without leaving your home.

The Process

We implemented Lean UX as our methodology.

This practice has become one of our most helpful and productive exercises and has enabled our teams to build some of the most iconic mobile apps in the marketplace. Lean UX almost always results in better products and stronger relationships (between clients and their mobile agency/team) and saves time, resources, and budget by eliminating extraneous efforts.


We made the experience fun & frictionless

Instead of listing the products in a typical grid fashion, we wanted to make the experience fun & frictionless.

We optimized the checkout

We implemented a minimal, secure, straight-forward approach to entering billing and shipping information. This gives the users buying confidence through an optimised checkout process.

We made it fast

We optimized every aspect of the app to ensure that the screens and items load quickly, in addition to making it extremely easy to add products to the shopping cart.

The Result

A solid 4-star rating and great reviews. Here are a sample of the reviews:

"Shopping on a mobile device should be as easy as this app makes it."""Great little app. Navigation is nice. Looks and works great...Also, I love that it supports Apple Pay!" “Great app. Love the easy navigation"
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Available for: iOS