Driving digital commerce.

The Challenge

Pay smarter. Pay simpler. Pay anywhere. Introducing the all new digital wallet. One of the world’s largest and most trusted ways to pay online is now on the phone. PayPal’s digital wallet allows customers to pay on the go at local stores, cafes, and restaurants.

At the time, PayPal was the first major vendor to implement the ability for users to order ahead on their phone. It was important that the experience was fast, user-friendly and secure.

"When you now walk into 18,000 physical stores around the United States, you see the PayPal name when checking out, making the reality of anytime, anywhere payments come alive."

The Process

User experience and security were two of our biggest focal points.

YML and PayPal partnered to expand their online services to the physical world, resulting in a seamless payment experience for customers on the go. One swipe checkout became the signature.

"We just want you to pay how you want; simple, fast and secure – with any method you want."

The Result

It has been called the “most fully featured payment app to date” and generated upwards of $20 billion dollars worth of transactions in 2013.

PayPal continues to expand the ‘Order Ahead’ feature and recently launched this functionality in the United Kingdom.

"Order Ahead, meanwhile, gives users the ability to access a complete menu from a restaurant, select what they want before going to the location, and then having it there waiting to be picked up, with the charge made at the time of pick up. The first chain to sign up for this is Wagamama, covering some 107 locations." -- Techcrunch

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