Educational apps so well crafted, even Apple stood up and took notice.

The Challenge

Based on the proven 100-year-old Montessori method of teaching, the Montessorium app suite is an immersive, and fun, experience that empowers kids to learn at their own pace, and in a way that best stimulates them.

Bobby and June George, accredited Montessori teachers based in South Dakota, decided that the iPad was an ideal platform to bring the Montessori method into the home.

Y Media were excited to partner with them to develop the full app suite, which provides children with everything from an introduction to the alphabet, to international geography.

“We’re a little, indie start-up from Sioux Falls. There isn’t a very strong tech community here, there isn’t a single developer in our whole city, so they (Y Media) give us that access to Silicon Valley… they are our bridge to that culture.” Bobby George

"This app, along with intro to numbers are the most fantastic, beautiful, useful, and most used on my iPad."

- App Store Reviewer

The Process

The app, in following with the Montessori Method, is developed for children in a way that is completely contrary to the brightly-colored kindergarten approach many assume when developing content for young children. “Imagine,” explains George, “that you’re going to the dentist, and the room was bright red… You’d panic before you had any procedure done.”

Instead, the Montessorium App Suite design appeals to the natural curiosity of children, with a clean, neutral, minimalist design that allows children to engage with the activities at their own pace, and to explore a variety of open-ended lessons that make the most of the device’s capabilities.

"Great work guys. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help."

Steve Jobs Founder & CEO, Apple

The Result

Bobby and June George, cofounders of the Montessorium App Suite, famously received an encouraging email from Steve Jobs when their first Montessori-learning based app was launched to mixed reactions from their target market.

5-Star reviews
Revenue in 1 month
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They’ve taken the late, great tech icon’s words to heart and the Montessorium App Suite has grown to comprise seven, self-driven learning apps (with another six in the wings) while the company has amassed over 750,000 downloads- and counting.

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