Award-Winning Omnichannel Retail Solution

The Challenge

Leading national retailer wanted to improve their omnichannel shopping experience.

The challenge was to reimagine what it means for customers to shop whether at home, on their phone, or in aisle at a local Home Depot.

“Blown away by the features. With location services enabled, it will tell you exactly where to find the product you need and exactly which bay and aisle it’s in.”

The Process

We designed a mobile experience that seamlessly bridges the gap between online and offline, increasing engagement by contextualizing the customer experience.

Our product strategy team worked closely with Home Depot executives and analysts to understand business challenges, customers' decision making processes and barriers to purchase. We segmented customers into cohorts, each governed by their own specific needs. After testing prototypes across all groups in various stores, we were able to validate our solutions and design unique experiences for use cases across the customer journeys.

“I like how the app lets you pick your Home Depot and gives a 3D map of the item that you are looking for and if it’s available in the store! Why can’t other big chain stores do this?”

The Result

Within a year of release, sales through their mobile app more than doubled with every transaction on mobile influencing multiple orders in store.

They were also the recipient of the Innovative Retail Technologies Award for best omnichannel retail solution of 2016.

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