Enhancing engagement and loyalty for customers on the go.

The Challenge

Improve customer lifetime value. Deliver a powerful user experience to drive longer-term retention and loyalty.

“It takes years for some companies to get their app into a 4-star state. By partnering with Y Media Labs, we had a 4-star app out of the gate that gained over a million users in its first six months.”

Michael Coleman SVP Digital Marketing of CreditOne

The Process

Leveraging years of experience in financial services, we uncovered core user motivations across the entire industry.

We then carved out a truly differentiated offering that most effectively addresses their needs.

We applied the best in consumer digital design to create a fully personalized experience that allows CreditOne users to securely and easily achieve their financial goals.

“Apple Pay, thumbprint login, easy bill pay and reminders. The app keeps me happy with my card”

The Result

With 1.3M+ downloads, 4.5 stars rating and over 8500+ reviews within four months of launch, the CreditOne app was a roaring success.

Creating an engaging mobile experience empowers their users to improve their credit score and enables CreditOne to play a more active role in achieving healthy financial habits.

"Our customers are delighted with our app, and Y Media Labs is a big reason why." Michael Coleman, SVP Digital Marketing of Credit One.

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