June 1, 2020

We stand with the black community and against the many faces of systemic racism.

For anyone that is terrorized by this abuse of power and gross injustice, we hear you and we are here for you. 

At its core, we are looking at our country’s most important design challenge.

The murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor and countless others are incredibly painful signs of an unjust system. We feel the weight and responsibility of how much work we have to do to fight institutionalized racism to build a stronger, safer society for everyone.

And we won’t relent. We know we may not get it right the first time. But we know how to design, iterate, experiment, strategize, and ultimately how to introduce change that makes a lasting impact.

YML's mission for the last 11 years has been to build experiences that make a lasting impact for people everywhere. But 'to make a lasting impact' reads differently now — it makes us feel different than ever before. We must rethink how we make that impact going forward for our team, our clients, and for the communities we serve.

Here's how we're responding:

  • Donating to Black Girls Code and Color of Change’s campaigns for recent injustices
  • Supporting our team's education on racial justice. 
  • Ensuring that we continue to hire with diversity and inclusion in mind.
  • Establishing a set of guidelines to pursue client partnerships with active diversity, inclusion, social justice and environmental sustainability efforts.

We know our response is one of many and may not solve everything. But that is what design is about — using the tools we have to solve a problem.