Virtual Reality – Is your company ready for the next big thing?

June 1, 2016

Virtual Reality has become a reality but we are not 100% sure how this technology is going to change our lives, as consumers, marketers, retailers, real estate agents etc.

Just like when the iPhone was first launched to the world in 2007, everyone is talking about VR with excitement without having a firm grip on its potential. What many business leaders do not currently realize is that Virtual Reality has the ability to be monetized and to provide value for companies and consumers alike. Join our free webinar to get a taste of what Virtual Reality can do for you and your business.

Virtual Reality allows you to provide your customers with contextually relevant information in an interactive fashion which can drive incremental business, increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Which is why you must get ahead of your competition and tap into this emerging market.


In this 1-hour web conference, we covered:
  • What is Virtual Reality?
  • Target Demographics & Are customers ready for VR?
  • Examples of real life application for businesses across the US
  • How you can use VR to drive sales and customer satisfaction?
  • Virtual Reality: the road ahead

Guest Speakers

Virtual Reality – Is your company ready for the next big thing?

Rebecca Barkin

Head of Marketing at Nod Labs

A creative, curious, and ambitious leader with 13+ years of experience driving brand and strategy at companies big and small, at the intersection of entertainment and technology. Rebecca currently heads up marketing & brand at Nod Labs, a startup building gesture control and motion tracking technology that simplifies the way we interact and converse with our many machines. For VR/AR, Drones, MedTech, and IoT, Nod offers partners bleeding-edge technology and design, and the advantage of reduced time to market.

Virtual Reality – Is your company ready for the next big thing?

Robbie Abed

Director of Marketing for Y Media Labs

Robbie runs marketing for Y Media Labs, a company that has a very strong portfolio, product and work ethic. His job is to tell the world how good Y Media Labs really is. He does this by telling the story of Y Media Labs and creating content that supports that story.

Virtual Reality – Is your company ready for the next big thing?

Jason Grimm

Director of Product Management for Nod Labs

Jason’s CE career began in 2001 managing the product line for the world's largest third party video game accessories company in Baltimore, MD. In 2005 and 2006 Jason's products won the CES Innovation of the Year in gaming. Later he relocated to Sunnyvale, CA to work for Lab126 (Amazon) on their new voice activated assistant, Echo, which was released to universal critical acclaim. Jason currently works as Director of Product Management for Nod Labs, a company founded to bridge the gap between natural human communications and machine operations.

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