At Y Media Labs, we have a rigorous lean mobile design process to create our award-winning apps. We have developed, adjusted, and perfected this process over time to make sure that we meet our clients’ business goals while creating an amazing user experience. By integrating our proprietary user research methodology into our UX design process, we make sure that every product created fulfills both client and customers’ needs.

Our process always starts by sitting down with internal stakeholders to define the business needs, use cases, and brainstorm ideas. As a top UX design agency, we recognize the importance of combining the client’s vision with user centric design. Our agile quality assurance process enables us to make changes along the way that optimize the mobile design and integrate features along the way. The development of a quality product is important, but it must have a design with user experience in mind for the brand to enjoy the ultimate success.

Defining the User Experience and UX Design Process

As a full service agency, we also focus on defining the market goals and the overall product strategy throughout our mobile design process. During this step, we conduct a thorough competitive analysis by comparing your direct and indirect competitors and highlighting what they do well, what they don’t do well, and what we can improve upon. We incorporate these findings into our user research methodology to best understand how people interact with similar products, and how to better their user experiences.

Depending on the size of the project, we also define various personas for your digital design, create customer journey maps, and analyze your existing user surveys.

The next step in our agile quality assurance process is to set up a formal internal brainstorming session between our award-winning mobile designers and user experience architects and your stakeholders. This allows all parties to communicate with each other, set clear expectations, and devise a successful digital strategy before we create any preliminary wires.

The next phase of our user centric design process is the actual mobile development stage. After producing the first set of wireframes, we follow up with multiple  rounds of feedback for greater innovation. We also define error handling styles, create annotated wires, solidify the product copy and define the user testing schedule for your future mobile designs.

UX Design Agency and Our User Research Methodology

Once the wires are complete, we move on to the lean UX design process and innovative mobile design that we’re known  for. We create the look and feel of your application and generate visual mobile designs for cross platform app development. We also build a full-fledged mobile design prototype and create various animations that are on the product. Last but not least, we create the elements of a digital branding strategy (i.e. store screenshots & app icon).

The YML team will also work on creating red-line visual designs, generate visual assets based on your company’s specifications and work with your company to produce any additional documentation that is required (e.g.: functional and non-functional specifications, etc). From our user centric design process to digital brand strategist experience, we are confident we will be  able to turn your mobile product idea into a full-fledged reality.

We do all of this by following the agile quality assurance practice of software development to ensure that our deliverables meet all your expectations and that we iterate on the final product based on both internal feedback and the results of the user tests we run. With the help of our user research methodology, we can make educated decisions and alterations based on real data and results.

Y Media Labs has grown into one of the most respected and awarded UX design agencies in America. You will join companies like L’Oreal, PayPal, First Data or Syncplicity who have put their trust in us to provide the ultimate mobile experience to their customers.

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