Scan the headlines these days and it’s hard to ignore drones. They’re shooting photographs and videos. They’re surveying sites and properties. They’re carrying blood samples over deserts.

Aside from transforming industries, drones are just tons of fun. Just ask around and likely the majority of people you know have dreamt of flying a drone at some point. But to do so takes real skill. This can get tricky especially if you live in a city where space is limited and the intended pilot face risks of crashing, hefty fines, endangering pedestrians, and even legal charges.

But what if we told you that the future is here, and you can now eliminate all the red tape and hazards of the past? That you can take the skies without all the confusion and risks? Because you can’t crash this drone.

Here’s the deal: We recently teamed up with Epson -- yes, the people who made your printer -- and drone company DJI to launch the world's first augmented reality drone flight simulator app optimized for Epson Moverio BT-300 smart glasses.

The best part about this augmented reality collaboration is that the virtual drone responds exactly the same way a real drone would. Through the use of a DJI drone controller, users can essentially train for real drone flying because the physics are accurate. And the virtual drone isn’t a toyish-looking, generic one. Instead, it’s a ghost version of a real DJI drone.

There are also games built into the augmented reality app, so you can practice your pilot skills by flying through hoops and picking up powerups.

Eventually, we see this expanding beyond the singular experience into multiplayer drone flying. As long as your friends have Epson’s Moverio BT-300FPV smart glasses, you can soon take the skies together.

Want to try out the experience of this AR design? Now you can at any DJI store.

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