Choosing the right mobile app development agency need not be rocket science. Even if you have only a basic understanding of how mobile app development works, with a bit of savvy knowledge, you can pick out the top app development companies from the industry’s fluff.

With any online business field, marketing communications are saturated with unsubstantiated claims. Everyone wants to deliver the most value and the highest build quality. We know you’ve heard it all before!

When choosing a specialist mobile development agency for your business, it is essential to scrutinize a comprehensive list of client references. Reputable agencies will have worked with well-known brands, and will be proud to showcase the exciting work they have done. At Y Media Labs, our team has shipped apps for the likes of PayPal, and many more blue-chip brands. Our portfolio speaks for itself, and we are enormously proud to share in the success of our clients.

Knowing how to develop mobile apps that delight your customers, fans and followers is an art in and of itself. Each agency has their own methods, and generally speaking the more experienced the lead developer, the more flexible the mobile development agency will be to your needs. The YML approach is definitively client focused. Each app requires a unique development process, different tools and skills to reach out and touch its intended end user. Each of our team members has clearly defined specialties, and they all work in total synergy to ensure that both technical and aesthetic challenges are surpassed.

Most agencies will sell their service on the quality of their UX design resources and development team. Without a doubt these are important factors, but in this competitive market an expert understanding of mobile development strategy is imperative.

Many companies will go directly to a mobile development agency with a rough creative brief in mind, from which the designers will extrapolate a development strategy based on UX requirements. However, further down the line, marketing requirements can reveal fundamental flaws in the app itself, and even force you back to the drawing board.

YML specializes in strategic mobile development that looks beyond the build. We understand the process of marketing your application and leverage our longstanding experience to provide strategic consultation to put you strides ahead of the competition. When choosing your agency, make sure that mobile app development strategy is at the heart of what they do.

Finally, consider the day-to-day processes of working together with any development agency. As with any business partnership where you trust the third party with your brand, communication is key. Your app development agency should be comfortable with transparent and regular communication.

The build process is not an exam, but rather a collaboration of skills. The deeper you dig into your proverbial pockets of passion to share your enthusiasm for your brand with our team, the more in-tune our strategists, developers and designers will be to your expectations. We know you understand your brand and audience the best, so share your knowledge and we will deliver a finished product that will leave you in awe.