ResearchKit App Program

Y Media Labs has ample experience working within the health industry, and we have recently invested massive resources into building our specific expertise in building industry-leading ResearchKit apps.

Our team has worked closely with Mount Sinai, Stanford, Sage Bionetworks and Massachusetts General Hospital, to build ResearchKit apps that are already changing the way we look at preventative medicine.


Y Media offers a bespoke program for research institutions to build their own, custom branded ResearchKit app, alongside our skilled developers and insightful consultants.

The program will enable your institution to:

  • Create a basic branded ResearchKit app.
  • Launched on the App Store in as little as 8 weeks (feature dependent)
  • Gather research data that is objective, accurate, and precise, while providing useful insights and feedback to study participants.
  • Custom set collection times for passive app data (step count, exercise data, heart rate and other user metrics). Data can be collated daily, hourly, or as frequently as needed, producing more objective results.
  • Leverage HealthKit data to identify correlations between symptoms and daily actions such as diet or exercise.
  • Provide participants with relevant user feedback.
  • Conduct affordable, global, far-reaching studies.
  • Leverage a proven eConsent process - four different Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) have already approved 5 different studies based on this eConsent.
  • Use existing, open-source modules or create new ones that precisely address your needs.
  • Implement pre-existing activity modules, generate your own surveys, and provide an on-boarding process that makes it easy for participants to consent to and join studies.

Why Build a Custom App?

We encourage medical institutions to consider a custom solution that best aligns with their research goals and specific patient needs. Selecting a custom approach will allow researchers to build new activity tasks, implement new interactions, or redesign the look of the application to better match your study needs.

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Case Studies

Condition Researched: Asthma


Mount Sinai, Weill Cornell Medical College, and LifeMap developed their Asthma Health app to gain further insight into triggers for the disease. Because the study tracks symptom patterns in individuals, researchers hope to discover new ways to personalize treatment.

The app provides personalized reminders to take your prescribed medications, helps users track their condition 24/7, allows them to review trends and check the Air Quality in their area, and also provides useful feedback to the participant.

ResearchKit Modules Used:

  • eConsent
  • Air Quality Tracker
  • Study Compliance Tracker
  • Controller Medication Reminder
  • Multiple Surveys
  • Physical activity (steps)

Condition Researched: Parkinson’s Disease


The University of Rochester and Sage Bionetworks created the mPower app to precisely measure data such as dexterity, balance, memory, and gait. The mPower app is a personal tool and research instrument to track symptoms of the disease, review trends and share this information with researchers.

The Parkinson mPower app uses questionnaires, sensor data from participants’ phones and optional wearable device data to help them track the condition.

ResearchKit Modules Used:

  • Surveys
  • eConsent
  • Tapping Activity
  • Voice Activity (uses iPhone microphones to measure vibrations in patient’s voice)
  • Walking/Gait Activity (uses iPhone 3-D accelerometers to measure gait and tremors)
  • Working Memory Activity
  • Socialization Module (estimates range of travel for the user, while not reporting location)
  • Physical Activity (steps)


Condition Researched: Diabetes


Massachusetts General Hospital developed its GlucoSuccess app to help researchers understand how various aspects of a person’s life: diet, physical activity, and medications, affect blood glucose levels. The app can also help participants identify how their food choices and activity influence their glucose levels.

ResearchKit Modules Used:

  • Surveys
  • eConsent
  • Activity Allocation Tracker - helps user understand what percent of their day is allocated to different levels of activity (sleep, sedentary, light, moderate or vigorous) - and provides raw data feed to researcher.
  • Insights Module - combines various sources of information to help users better understand their patterns on good vs. bad glucose days
  • Diet Insights - helps patients identify foods items that may be contributors to higher glucose readings.


Condition Researched: Breast Cancer


The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, Penn Medicine, and Sage Bionetworks developed their Share the Journey app to learn more about the long-term effects of the chemotherapy used in treating breast cancer.

The app enables participants to easily provide detailed information about energy levels, cognitive abilities, and mood.

ResearchKit Modules Used:

  • Surveys
  • eConsent
  • Daily Scales (allows user to estimate, daily, how they performed on a number of factors)
  • Journaling (Participant creates a entries into a log, while typing analysis helps determine typing cadence)
  • Exercise Motivator
  • Socialization Module (estimates range of travel for the user, while not reporting location)
  • Physical Activity (steps)


Condition Researched: Cardiovascular Disease

Stanford Medicine and the University of Oxford have collaborated to create the MyHeart Counts app. It uses surveys and tasks to help researchers more accurately evaluate how participants’ activity and lifestyle relate to their risks of cardiovascular disease.

The MyHeart Counts app is a personalized tool that can help participants measure daily activity, fitness, and cardiovascular risk. The app can help you measure your activity through the sensors in your iPhone or the Apple Watch, or any wearable activity device linked to Apple Health App.

ResearchKit Modules Used:

  • Surveys
  • eConsent
  • Activity Allocation Tracker
  • 6-Minute Walk Test
  • Heart Age Test


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