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For America’s #2 online tax filing service, our challenge was simple: steal market share from the leader. Our strategy: create an easy, friendly, and — dare we say it? — fun online brand.

Before / After

New website, new brand

Like a stuffy accountant, the old TaxAct website was dull and uninviting. To give customers a better first impression, the new TaxAct website features a brand new design aesthetic, illustration style and tone of voice for TaxAct.

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Thank you, YML, for bringing the passion & the fire to make this dream a reality.

Fazir Jameer Ali
Head of Product, Design & CXTaxAct

Designed for mobile

Making a seamless experience between devices is essential. A responsive design puts all of TaxAct's key messaging in the hands of its customers.


We put our money where our mouth is, and only got paid if the results were good. We succeeded, increasing conversions by over 22% in the first tax season.

Piggy Bank@2x

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