Webby award nominated digital product design and development for this TIME Magazine innovation of the year.

Simple, human & delightful

As the air in our cities gets more polluted, Molekule is on a mission to improve indoor air quality for everyone, in every home. The first intelligent air purifier of its kind, our goal was to create a digital experience for Molekule that is as smart and simple as the device itself.

An intelligent, personalized experience

An adaptive experience that learns and adjusts the more you use it. Using machine learning algorithms, Molekule understands patterns and preferences, optimizing for every household.


“This Molekule air filter is obsessed with destroying pollutants.”

The Verge

A breath of fresh air

The Molekule companion app adds to the experience, giving customers unique insights into the quality of the air they breathe. Beautiful, elegant, and easy to use, we wanted people to know that Molekule was one of a kind.



Crowned the Edison Award Winner in February 2017, and named one of 2017’s most innovative products by Time Magazine, alongside the iPhone X and the Tesla Model 3. Now on its fourth release, it has once again sold out in a matter of hours.

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