A complete digital ecosystem: website, personalization engine, mobile application, and an AI powered Alexa integration.

Food is a personal choice

Chef’d is the first subscription free meal kit service. Instead, as the name implies, Chef'd connects you with like-minded chefs, brands and communities. Understanding that food is incredibly personal, we aimed to help customers choose, and not just offer choice.


A digital ecosystem

A digital ecosystem, including e-commerce website, mobile application, and AI recommendation engine helps customers discover and purchase meal kits. And, Alexa voice integration lets you order meal kits when you’re elbow deep in food preparation.

“Chef’d is a new meal kit service that will have you cooking like a pro.”



Mealkits on-demand

Customers can order any meal at any time using the app, the website, or Alexa and Google Home — everything designed and built by YML.



By differentiating Chef’d and creating loyalty through personalization and user experience, gross sales increased by 30% within the first month.

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