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Director of Strategic Partnerships

A competitive spirit.

Tuomas Haapala is orginally from Finland and has been in the Bay Area for about two and a half years. Unbelievably, Tuomas was a professional football (soccer) player in Europe for several different clubs—including Manchester City—the current Premier League champions. He was captain on many of those clubs, instilling in him a great passion for team building and bringing a collaborative (yet competitive) spirit to his work. 

At YML, Tuomas focuses on developing new client opportunities with a philisophy of finding the best partners whose values align to our own. He's most excited about the marriage of design and technology in ways that make a lasting impact on people’s lives, and he's convinced the job we're doing—and the clients we have—will change the world. 

Before YML, Tuomas was at a Finnish design agency, Idean, where he was the Director of Strategy & Growth, specializing in customer experience, user experience, user interface, and service design.

When not working on forging new and innovative relationships with clients, Tuomas enjoys just about anything outdoors—but these days can mostly be found chasing after his toddler, putting those football skills to work. 

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