Raja Shekar
Reddy M

AVP, Delivery

Raj always delivers

As VP of Delivery, Raj has helped build YML Bangalore to 160 plus strong. He has led operations, talent management, as well as end-to-end delivery for key clients including Creditone, Sequoia, Watani, FS, Deserve, and DJI. 

Raj has experience spanning across different technical and operational roles, in multi-site, multi-cultural teams, Raj has a proven track record of creating high performing in-house engineering teams and supporting on-site teams, too. Over his storied career, Raj has handled change management, change deployment, operational improvements, and solution proposals for operational efficiency and consistency. He’s a seasoned business partner with expertise in project planning and delivery, people management, quality processes and other SDLC related activities.

Formerly Raj led delivery for Nokia’s global technology services, while at Accenture. His specialties include software architecture; Android, iOS, mobile communications; delivery management; change management; enterprise scale agile and lean development and deployment; mobile applications, mobile messaging, SMS/IM; multi-site and offshore software development.

In his spare time, Raj is a passionate cricket fan. And he’s involved in a number of charities helping poor, disadvantaged children and spending time at rural agriculture dependent villages to make some difference. 

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