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Sr. Director, Product & Program Management

Be like water, my friend.

Pablo leads the Project Management side of things at YML in California. His primary focus is ensuring project and client success across the many different clients and verticals in our RWC office while setting up processes followed by the entire Project Management practice in the company.

For over 15 years, Pablo has been running projects, managing clients and their expectations, and ultimately pursuing delivering products that are not just a conclusion to a good relationship, but the beginning of an even better client-agency partnership. To do this, adaptability, flexibility, and the desire to push for better have been key – as demonstrated in his work with clients such as Apple, First Republic Bank, Key Bank, First Data, The North Face, DJI, and Credit One among many others.

Before YML, Pablo worked in several different agencies a part of his 14-year residency in New York City (which he still misses daily, but is happy in the California waters), working with SY Partners, NBC Universal, Sequence, Frog Design, among others — with brands such as IBM, Merck, Pfizer, and AT&T, as well as being a part of product teams. All of these came after changing his initial career focus from Civil Engineering (he holds BS and MS degrees from The University of Texas at Austin).

Outside the office, Pablo tries to be in, on, or near water as often as possible be it sailing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, or scuba diving — water just seems to make him happy. Cold water (snowboarding) counts. Spraying him with a water bottle while in the office doesn't seem to have the same happiness-inducing results.

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