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Sr. Director, Engineering

Quality has no exception.

Edward (Ed to his friends) leads the engineering team in Redwood City. Ed believes the primary ingredients to a successful software system are passion and care, and a dash of secret coding sauce. Throughout his illustrious career, Ed has worked on numerous mission and life-critical software systems where even a minor defect could result in major, life-threatening calamity — and when loss of life in on the line, quality assurance takes on a whole new meaning. This has led Ed to believe in work that works, without exception.

At YML, Ed leads a software engineering team comprising passionate individuals driven to produce impactful mobile applications. His passion is building large complex software systems, requiring hard technical skills and soft interpersonal skills. His approach to team building is to transform motivated programmers into passionate developers and then into well-rounded software engineers.

Before joining YML, Ed led engineering at a number of California startups, developing software for a variety of different fields — including government, space exploration, and cryptography. Before all this, he was an engineer at Boeing and Disney.

Ed lives in Redwood Shores, but his heart is in Hawaii where he grew up. In his words, “You can take the boy away from the islands but the islands always remain in his heart.” For more of what’s in Ed’s mind, check out his book: Getting Started with ResearchKit.

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