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Creative Director

Don't just design the experience — live it .

Award-winning creative director, BorFang leads the creative team and client roster in Redwood City. Applying her diverse design background and passion for empathic design, BorFang is an experienced human-centered designer on a mission to create products and experiences that resonate. A passionate belief in humanity helps her listen to different stories and to touch this world through a people-focused lens. Her view is that every experience has its own story and meaning hidden within that comes from how deeply we live inside of it.

With over a decade working in design, BorFang is a seasoned veteran of all stages of a product’s development, from its conceptualization and development to its go-to-market strategy. Before joining YML, she was an independent consultant, helping design the future for clients in the insurance, gaming, and technology industries — including Google, Playstation, and Panasonic R & D — as well as a number of startups. And she holds a patent for the design and technology of a Synchronized Communication Platform, which enables a mirrored, assisted sales web experience. Prior to her consultancy work, BorFang was at Razorfish, building products, services, and experiences for a spectrum of clients including Toyota, Microsoft, NSX, Intel, and Honda. She has worked on (and won) major new business pitches for innovative product designs, including Apple, TMobile, HPE, Disney, Visa, and more. Before that, she worked in-house at Yahoo.

Outside of work life, BorFang loves traveling, meeting people from different cultures, discovering the unknown, and enjoying the flow of life.

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