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Talent Aquisition Manager

Building the world's best design & technology team.


Ben spearheads YML’s U.S. recruiting endeavors. Dedicated to building a world-class design and technology team, and forming some lifelong friendships along the way, his smooth and interactive approach to managing candidates gives people an amazing experience from their very first contact with YML.

Hailing from the world of Silicon Valley talent acquisition, Ben has guided emerging startups and helped founders hire top-notch talent for several years. He has recruited for a big data startup, a plush retail POS startup, and an enterprise gamification platform. But it was after a phone call and an unexpectedly extensive coffee conversation with one of our co-founders in a busy Specialities coffee shop that his compass aligned with the core values of YML and we got one of the world’s best recruiters.

Ben comes from a biotechnology background and having had refined practice in testing hypotheses and validating conclusions within a scientific medium, he now applies this logic in order to create a gold standard talent process here at YML - and take a bite out of the Silicon Valley.

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Don’t be shy, say hi ✌️

Don’t be shy, say hi ✌️


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