At YML, our resident team of enterprise mobile app experts have put our heads together in order to produce a growing library of useful resources. This education hub has been designed to help you understand how to develop mobile apps, from crafting a beautiful UI to making critical technical choices.

How will these resources help me?

Mobile app design and development is a true process of collaboration. It’s essential for all key players to have an understanding of how their piece fits into the puzzle. As an entrepreneur, developing a broad understanding of designing and developing apps for Android or iOS, and reviewing proven strategies that demonstrate the successful funding and marketing of mobile apps, will help to safeguard your investment. We have covered all stages of app development, helping you to conceptualize your project, brief designers and developers, and decide which features or technologies work for you.

Is the content up to date?

The content provided in this education hub offers more than the standard tips and best practices for mobile app development. As mobile experts, we are passionate about expanding our own learning with the shifts in devices and mobile app development trends. The guide on how to build enterprise mobile apps today will soon be outdated. We will continue to update this resource, to paint you a vivid picture of the technological possibilities of the future.

What kind of resources are available?

You can read any of our instructional guides, blog articles, and discover fascinating case studies, providing you with strategic and creative inspiration for your own project.

Can you help me with my own project?

Whether you are focused on mass-market Android or iPhone app development, or are looking to leverage new platforms or niche markets, the YML team offers a wealth of insight and experience. Our experts are ready to help you understand how everything covered in this resource hub and more can be applied to benefit your business. Contact our team for your first consultation today.