We build iPhone apps that get featured in the App Store, on commercials, and even on billboards by starting every project with a mobile app strategy phase. We know how exciting it is to go straight into building a product and trust me, so do we - but planning comes first!

Whether you’re building a mobile app strategy for enterprise apps or consumer apps, the process is the same.

Mobile App Strategy Process

We care about the WHY first, and the WHAT second. Many clients come to us and ask to build a mobile app, and it often comes as a surprise when we ask the reason behind it. We believe a successful mobile app strategy covers at minimum the following:

  • How will you market the mobile app
  • What is the business value of building the app
  • Are there key business metrics that you can improve by building this app
  • Why would a user download this app
  • What are the two core features of the app


Customer Research

We don’t build apps in a vacuum. We engage customers early in the process using market analysis & research. Better to measure twice and cut once, right?

Mobile App Marketing

How many times have you downloaded an app and never used it or heard from it again? That’s what keeps us up at night.

Marketing your app is both an art and a science. However, there is a system used that enables the app to maximize exposure.

Our strategy session actually kicks off with our product team & marketing team. Most apps are marketed as soon as the development of the app is finished. We start the marketing process on Day 1.