If you know mobile app marketing, you know that launching an app can be wildly profitable...

For one, the market is huge (check out our article "Just How Big Is Mobile? Bigger Than You Could Ever Imagine." ) and is growing daily...

In fact, over 67% of American adults own a smartphone today!

... But what does it take to be wildly profitable and successful in launching an app?

Well, one step to success is having a strong marketing plan — a plan that uses mobile app marketing strategies that have been proven to work. You must know how to market your mobile app.


So I bet you’re probably wondering...

"Where do I find mobile app marketing strategies that work? There are so many out there!"

Look, I get it. There are hundreds — maybe thousands — of so-called gurus out there.

It can be challenging to know who has really been successful and whether the ones who have been actually knowing what they're talking about. You can't afford to be wrong here...

... But we've got you covered.

That's why, today, we're going to share our list of must-see, must-have resources for mobile app marketing in 2016.

We’ve done all the legwork, compiling what we call the "Ultimate Resource Guide to Mobile App Marketing in 2016" (sounds pretty cool, right?)

No more guessing or wondering which blogs to follow. No more frustration. Just an easy list that provides you with legitimate resources to make some serious dough.

All you need to do is carve out some time each day to learn from the blogs listed below and you’ll be well on your way.

1. Kissmetrics

Well-respected and well-known; "a blog about marketing, analytics and testing"

Mobile App Marketing


Why Kissmetrics made the list: Brought to you by the infamous Neil Patel and Hiten Shah, Kissmetrics is one of today's great marketing companies. They also have an incredible marketing blog.

While their blog provides a ton of useful resources for all things marketing,  it also has a particularly useful section on Mobile App Marketing.

When we crafted this list, we wanted to provide you with resources that could make a difference right away... and that's why we chose to list Kissmetrics first. We urge you to check them out.

Favorite Resource: The 5 Biggest Mistakes in Mobile App Marketing


2. Apptamin

A blog focused on Mobile App Marketing, providing specific content to help you succeed

Mobile App Marketing

Why Apptamin made the list:

Apptamin provides app promotional videos... and so much more. One of the true mobile app marketing-focused blogs around, Apptamin provides a ton of resources from which you can learn, grow and build your app into a meteoric success.

Aside from the sweet videos and the awesome content, Apptamin also updates frequently, constantly providing fresh articles on currently relevant topics.

Without throwing other sites under the bus, we will say that it can be hard to find up-to-date articles... Fortunately, with articles like The Complete Guide To Marketing Your App On Youtube, you can rest assured that all of Apptamin's content is fresh.

Favorite Resource: Measuring The Lifetime Value of A Mobile Customer


3. AppTweak

"An easier way to learn App Store Optimization"

Mobile App Marketing


Why AppTweak made the list:

Offering a blog that covers a number of topics (as seen in the screenshot above), AppTweak really hits its stride when it comes to App Store Optimization.

Let's face it — every successful marketing strategy has a multi-pronged approach. To think you might be able to focus on just one area and neglect another on your path to success is futile.

The folks at AppTweak do a fantastic job of covering relevant topics and providing nuggets of advice to help you get more out of your app.

Favorite Resource: How to Create Your Own Podcast to Drive App Downloads


4. Arkenea

Developers at heart; provide deep insight into app marketing

Mobile App Marketing

Why Arkenea made the list:

As the title suggests, the guys at Arkenea are experts in the app development space. In fact, over the years they've worked collectively  to develop methodologies that cut development time by 40%.

Their unique vantage point, as developers who've seen and done it all, makes them a great resource for all things mobile app-related -- including marketing.

As a bonus, Rahul Varshneya of Arkenea is one of the true rock stars in the industry. Check out the blog and see for yourself.

Favorite Resource: 5 Viral Marketing Strategies For Your Mobile App


5. App Business Podcast

Mobile app marketing podcast that provides great insight via a different medium

Mobile App Marketing

Why App Business Podcast:

So you want to learn a ton about mobile app marketing, but you don't want to confine yourself to blogs?


The App Business Podcast is packed with a ton of insanely beneficial advice and is easy to bring along with you on the train, in the car, or anywhere you go!

Spanning topics from Onboarding to Monetization, App Business Podcast has everything you need.

Favorite Resource: How Marketers Should Approach Mobile Marketing Strategies


6. Smashing Magazine

Do-it-all, popular site continues to bring you the goods

Mobile App Marketing

Why Smashing Magazine made the list:

Traditionally speaking, Smashing Magazine is known for being a great resource for designers -- specifically UX & UI.

But don't let that fool you -- Smashing Magazine covers design, development and marketing topics. In fact, because they are so well-rounded they often explore topics untouched by others.

If you're curious to learn more about design, trends or analytics, you should check out Smashing Magazine.

Favorite Resource: How to Market Your Mobile App


7. App-promo

"Innovators in app strategy, marketing and monetization"

Mobile App Marketing

Why App-promo made the list:

Diving deep into marketing strategy, App-promo brings you fresh takes on proven tactics to boost your visibility and get your app downloaded.

Looking to increase users? They have articles on that.

Looking to learn about Monetization? They have that too.

Check them out. They are well worth your time.


8. Fiksu

"Data-fueled mobile marketing..."

Mobile App Marketing

Why Fiksu made the list:

This isn't to say the others before Fiksu don't use a data-driven approach, because they do...

But we decided to add Fiksu to the list for their deep expertise with a specifically data-driven focus.

Fiksu works with a large range of clients, offering services focused on user acquisition and re-engagement strategies... both of which are key components to any marketing strategy.

While this post is largely about launching an app, an important part of any successful marketing plan is  re-engaging with previous customers. Fiksu takes a thorough look at this topic.

Favorite Resource: Remarketing, retargeting, what’s the difference? Plenty.


9. Apptology

Based in Northern CA, providing development and mobile marketing advice

Mobile App Marketing Why Apptology made the list:

Apptology is one of my favorites -- they offer easy, quick and actionable tips to improve your marketing gameplan.

They also have the experience, know-how and credibility to back up everything that's coming out. As we alluded to in the beginning of the article -- there are a ton of so-called "gurus" out there.

Fortunately, there's nothing "so-called" about Apptology.

On top of that, CEO Rich Foreman is one of the true pioneers in the industry, and another absolute rock star. If for no other reason, you should be following Apptology to see all the cool things Rich is getting into.


10. App Annie

Powerhouse provides pulse of the industry

Mobile App Marketing

Why App Annie made the list:

App Annie is an incredible resource -- not only do they provide in-depth advice to help you grow your business (marketing strategies included), they also provide a great vision of the mobile app industry as a whole.

Aside from getting actionable advice to grow your business, if you're looking to keep tabs on industry trends, new developments, etc... App Annie is the right spot.

Favorite Resource: App Forecast: Over $100 Billion In Revenue by 2020


11. MobiAD News

"Connecting Mobile + Marketing + Commerce"

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 2.05.48 PM

Why MobiAD News made the list:

When we made this list, we wanted to include all the resources we considered valuable for marketing your app.

So, while MobiAD News isn't like some of the aforementioned resources... We felt it needed to be included because of its focus on all aspects of Mobile Marketing and Mobile Commerce.

Follow their publication, stay up to date, and learn from some of the greats in the industry.

Favorite Resource: “An App Is Not Enough” - Raising the bar on mobile apps for retail


12. Gamasutra

Covering all aspects related to gaming, including business development

Mobile App Marketing

Why Gamasutra made the list:

Gamasutra is a massive online resource for all things gaming -- but if you take a closer look at their smartphone/table section, you'll find more specific advice as it relates to mobile gaming.

Sure, the sheer size and volume of content can be overwhelming... but if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest, it's worth your time to follow.

Favorite Resource: 5 Monetization Methods for Indies with Limited Resources


13. Tapstream

"Tools to help you measure, engage and grow your user base"

Mobile App Marketing

Why Tapstream made the list:

We started this list with one goal in mind -- to provide you with a list full of resources to help you. Whether you're on a tight budget or working at a bigger company, you can learn and grow to be successful in marketing your app.

Also, we think Tapstream's expertise is worth following to learn and grow. Check out their product, their blog, and the team ... they're mighty impressive.

Favorite Resource: 13 Places You Should Be Tracking Your App Marketing

14. Adscend Media

One of the largest incentive-based performance marketing platforms; experts in rewarded video

Mobile App Marketing

Why Adscend Media made the list:

Since you're reading this list, it's probably safe to say you'd like to acquire new users — right? And regarding those users, you'd probably like to monetize them and keep them engaged?

Well, Adscend Media provides a number of monetization solutions to fit that need... and they do them well.

So, whether you're developing a new game or an app, you might want to consider one of their offers (Check out their AdWall) to ensure your users are engaged and keep coming back!

Favorite Resource: 5 Reasons to Monetize Your iOS Apps with Rewarded Video


15. Mobile Marketer

"The news leader in mobile marketing, media and commerce"

Mobile App Marketing

Why Mobile Marketer made the list:

Much like what happens with most of us when we're purchasing something at the store... when we decided to compile this list we wanted to include as much bang for your buck as possible. Or at the least, the most value for your time.

So it would be a shame to leave Mobile Marketer off this list. They simply cover so much when it comes to marketing that you HAVE to follow them.

Not only that — they have several resources dedicated to mobile app marketing.

So if you're looking for a well-rounded site to help you arm yourself with the know-how to launch a new app... this is the right place.

Favorite Article: Disney's high-profile app fail is a tale of caution for marketers


16. Appmasters

Action-Packed App Marketing Strategies

Mobile App Marketing

Why Appmasters made the list:

I mean, what else could you ask for? Appmasters is a beautiful blog that discusses topics that are relevant and top of mind.

I'm not a fan of the cliche, "Saving the best for last" ... but this is one of the better blogs we've come across.

The icing on the cake? They have a killer podcast too! Check them out!

Favorite Resource: Guerrilla marketing tactics for getting your local app noticed

17. AppInstitute

App Building and App Marketing blog

Why AppInstitute made the list:

AppInstitute offer a no-coding-required platform that allows small business owners and people with next to no tech knowledge to make their own app.

They dedicate their blog to one thing - helping small business owners master digital & mobile marketing. From step-by-step guides on how to set up the perfect push notification campaign to insightful infographics and studies that dive into the benefits of mobile apps.

Favorite Resource: 5 Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in 2017

So, that’s the list! What do you think?

If there are any blogs or resources you think should have made this list, please email us marketing@ymedialabs.com