I have no business wanting the just-launched Microsoft Surface Studio.

The new Desktop PC is for designers and professional creatives. As a marketer and not a talented designer like my colleagues, I’m nowhere close to being an artist.

I saw the news pop up that Microsoft just released a new product and I figured I would watch their new launch video. I fully expected to close the video, within 15 seconds.

I watched the entire video. Three times, to be exact.

The music.

The lighting.

The suspense.

The exploding colors.

The animation.

The opening line: “Come with me... And you’ll be in a world of imagination”, straight from the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,  is a fantastic opening.

It’s almost like they took everything from Apple’s launch videos, and dare I say, made it better?

They didn’t need Jony Ive and his beautiful mispronunciation of aluminum.* The singer's voice already mesmerized me.

They didn’t need to talk about the great features; they showed it.

This was the closest I’ve ever been to wanting to learn to design.

surfacenighthawkoverview_9_featurepanel_v1I quite literally have no idea what I would do with that color wheel device. But, for a split second, I wanted it. I needed it.

It made me forget about my iMac 27”.

Great job to the Microsoft Team.** I hope the rest of the launches are similar to this. It helps that the Surface Studio looks amazing as well. 

*Yes, I know he doesn't actually mispronounce aluminum.

**This makes the second device that is up to the caliber of Apple Products. The Google Pixel launched last week and now this. Google failed to create a video as good as this one though.