The time to be skeptical of voice recognition technology and voice assistant apps has passed. According to experts, 2018 will be the year voice skills go mainstream. Thanks to innovations in natural language processing, machine learning, and related technologies, voice recognition apps now offer a wide range of benefits.

This is especially true in the workplace. By implementing IVR solutions at the office, companies can save money by hiring fewer assistants, employees can focus on the most important work, and everyone can complete basic tasks with much greater efficiency than ever before.

This isn’t speculation: Many professionals have already leveraged voice command apps for Android and iOS specifically to fulfill these purposes. Tech companies are also working hard to make voice skills more useful.

The following examples illustrate how they are accomplishing this:

Physicians Use Voice Recognition Apps to Work More Efficiently

According to a recent survey, approximately 23% of physicians in the United States use voice assistant apps to some degree. Considering how relatively new this technology is, that’s very impressive.

Most surveyed doctors report using these products because they help save time. Doctors must often search for information online. They also need to regularly enter data into various programs and files. iOS and Android speech recognition apps help them do so with greater efficiency.

Physicians also cite the hands-free nature of voice assistant apps as a key benefit. For instance, during a procedure, a doctor may not be able to easily drop what they’re doing and pick up the phone to perform a task. With a voice or Google speaker app, they don’t have to.

This benefit can easily apply to other types of work, too. Plenty of jobs become easier with IVR solutions when employees have the option of looking up information, making calls, or entering data without having to use their hands.

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Amazon Alexa is the IVR Solution Coming to an Office Near You

Interactive voice response (IVR) solutions will transform offices in the near future. Companies like Amazon are working to make this happen sooner rather than later. Just last year, Amazon announced new Alexa voice skill features that are ideal for office workers.

With the Alexa voice recognition app, users can now make conference calls, manage calendars, find and reserve conference rooms, and order supplies.

Individually, these voice skills sound useful. Together, they could revolutionize the way offices operate.

The amount of time all employees at a given organization spend on these kinds of day-to-day tasks adds up. When office workers can rely on a voice assistant for Android or iOS to perform complete their work more quickly, the company’s overall efficiency gets a major boost.

On top of that, companies won’t be restricted solely to the features of a voice assistant app that Amazon deems necessary. They’ll be able to coordinate with developers to create IVR solutions  designed for their specific needs.

Where Voice Assistant App Development is Heading

Companies won’t even need to rely solely on Alexa voice skills. Instead, they can work with voice recognition app developers to create products for whatever hardware they use.

Perhaps your organization wants to build a voice assistant for Android devices. Specialists with experience using Android speech recognition technology can create a voice command app for Android built specifically for your business.

In fact, the competition between the big companies’ IVR solutions, like the Google speaker app and Amazon’s Alexa voice skills, is good for consumers. Tech companies are striving to get their voice assistants in offices first.

Whether your office uses Alexa, Siri, a Google speaker app, or a product from an unrelated competitor, voice assistant apps will offer many benefits. Your business can leverage IVR solutions to reduce costs, boost productivity, and ensure all staff has the time to focus on tasks that matter.