A top user experience design agency understands the importance of creating beautiful, intuitive user experiences for digital products. Not only does mobile UI design amaze and delight the user, but also combined with mobile UX design it empowers organizations to be even more customer-friendly, puts the data from older applications to good use, and provides a foundation that supports their continuous transformation.

At YML, our user experience design process is lean and rigorous, incorporating both information architecture to structure content intuitively, and mobile UX design to create a polished app that supports both business and customer needs.

We understand the importance of combining our client’s vision, a solid IA navigational foundation, UX expertise, and our app UI design experience to develop a product that has the end user’s needs and expectations at heart.

What to Expect From a User Experience Design Agency

We believe in the power of design to create memorable and easy-to-navigate mobile products. Our team of digital experience designers start with the ideal customer experience and work back to the technology, ensuring the information architecture of the mobile app is polished and supported by an intuitive UX design process.

Our professional and innovative app UI design teams will take you through:

  • Ideation – understanding your ideas, business goals and needs, and analyzing relevant user cases.
  • Market Analysis – reviewing competitors and what’s available on the market to identify how we can create a more intuitive and seamless user experience design for your mobile app.
  • Design – based on your customer personas and user research, our digital experience designers build wireframes and create mockups and graphics that engage users and encourage brand loyalty
  • Development – iterative, agile, and value-driven processes that are quality assured throughout ensure the ultimate mobile user experience is delivered for your company and your customers.

Through meticulously addressing each element of the mobile app design and development phase from robust Information Architecture through to UX design, you can be sure that your ideas will be transformed into reality. Additionally, you can count on stunning Apple and Android UI design to inspire your users, regardless of their mobile platform.

Integrating Elements of Successful Information Architecture With Mobile App UI Design

YML’s information architects create usable content structures for intricate sets of data to ensure your mobile app is easy to navigate, the menu items and content are in places that users expect to find them, and every element of the user’s requirements and goals are considered thoroughly. Relying on usability tests, persona creation and research, and flow diagrams, our architecture team creates the perfect foundation for our mobile UX and UI designers to build extraordinary end experiences that connect with users.

Our mobile app UX and UI design team takes your app to the next level by applying recognized, effective principles that help users automatically understand what your app can do and how to do it. The UX seamlessly complements the information navigation provided by our IA experts and is further reinforced with app UI design elements like color, contrast, alignment, and branding.

By addressing both the information architecture and the supporting UX design, the user centric app design process incorporates every necessary detail, analyzes each requirement in context with your business goals, challenges all concept elements, and fills out the details to create mobile UX designs that are easy to understand and captivate users. Each step is thought through, designed, tested, and tweaked according to the feedback received through the quality assurance process.

The Future of User Experience Design

Our information architects base their methods on the science of structuring content for optimal functionality, enabling users to complete any action needed with minimal effort. In doing so, they guarantee a high-quality product and reduce all possibility of navigational difficulties.

Our digital experience designers then step up to apply the most suitable recognition patterns for your mobile app UI design. This assists users in identifying and grouping visual elements and intuitively understanding what the app can do. Doing so enables the ultimate user experience and yields mobile UI designs that delight, engage, and attract.

Our five values lead our Apple and Android UI design process, which are:

  1. Wow our customers
  2. Speak the truth and face the facts
  3. Build emotional, beautiful, and amazing mobile user experiences
  4. Make a difference and drive results
  5. Work and play hard

These days, mobile apps and the digital experiences they deliver build emotional connections between brands and users that are so evocative and refreshing customers wonder how they ever lived without them. Our role is constructing this bridge through intuitive information architecture and beautiful app UI design.

Develop One-of-a-Kind Apple and Android UI Designs

We build our mobile apps using a proprietary design process that enables advanced innovation. Our goal is to walk with our clients into the future, rather than reacting to the past. We re-imagine the mobile UX design and, based on years of successful user experience design results, create solutions that increase sales, customer retention, and loyalty. With our mobile IA and UX and UI design expertise, we’re able to help our clients drive business value even further.

Our proven success across a number of verticals allows us to continually grow, think outside the boundaries of ‘normal’, and provide insight and ideas to solve problems like no other digital experience designer can.

We love to create exceptionally outstanding, transformative mobile designs that are loved by our clients and used by their customers every day; this is what we do best.