In a market oversaturated with mobile app developers, building your own app is only half the battle in creating a mobile strategy that transforms the customer journey map. A successful app strategy should have a comprehensive digital branding plan in place to reach and engage your target audience.

At Y Media Labs, we build beautiful, intuitive, simple cross platform apps. But, besides being a top mobile developer, as a full service agency, we’re also focused on digital branding. Therefore, we help you craft the ultimate user experiences and launch a complete mobile strategy. Our job is to make sure everything works as expected and that your business benefits from the end-to-end digital branding strategy and the cross platform mobile development that we will successfully see you through.

Map the Customer Journey With a Mobile Strategy

Contrary to popular belief, a successful mobile strategy starts long before a product is ready to hit the market. In reality, it’s something that happens as soon as you have clearly defined what you are building and why.

Launching a digital branding strategy requires marketing collateral, product descriptions, value propositions, and much more. All of these factors should culminate in a mobile strategy that addresses each step of the customer journey map.

It’s a lot, we know, but don’t worry! As a leading full service agency, we are here to help. We’ve orchestrated successful cross platform mobile strategy launches hundreds of times. Also, we have the case studies to prove it: Take Home Depot’s omnichannel retail app experience. Or, PayPal’s payment app that gave its customers the ultimate user experience, combined with top-quality security features. We even assisted L’Oreal in developing a loyalty and rewards app for salon professionals and customers to connect and engage. All told, we have developed mobile designs that have enabled tens of millions of users to have digital experiences with their favorite companies, spending hours at a time on various tasks. We made that happen.

A Full Service Digital Strategy Agency

In order to effectively launch your mobile strategy there are five proven techniques digital media agencies must use. We can help your team with each of these deliverables.

1. Build clear personas for your mobile design.

Knowing exactly who you are developing the product  for will help you clearly identify the market opportunity, the pain points customers have and the best way to deliver an excellent user experience. As such, building personas and customer experience management is part of our design process.

2. Clearly map the customer’s journey.

Defining how someone will interact with your brand overall with the user experience on mobile being just one touchpoint allows you to clearly articulate how a customer will be best served by your mobile strategy. In order to assist you, we take the time to sit with your internal stakeholders and clearly define the customer journey map before we even write a line of code.

3. Define the value prop.

Among digital brand strategists we call this the elevator pitch. In your mobile strategy you need to be able to articulate what the digital experience will do for the end user. For example, it can be as simple as a tagline or as long as a paragraph. We help you define the best value proposition for your users and manage the customer journey so that you can easily and effectively implement a digital brand strategy after launch.

4. Differentiate yourself from the competition.

Let’s be honest: If you didn’t have any competition at all, you probably wouldn’t spend time crafting a mobile strategy. At the end of the day, most mobile app development agencies do things that aren’t necessarily revolutionary. However, they do one or two things better than other app developers and other websites. As part of our cross platform mobile design process, we help you define how your idea is better than that of your competition and how to execute it across channels. Also, we make sure to call out how you can deliver clear, measurable value to your users that other digital products don’t. This will help you immensely when the time comes to launch your  mobile strategy .

5. Build your marketing collateral.

A mobile strategy cannot be successfully launched without a killer product description and great imagery previewing the digital design. In reality, both are needed to visually explain to your future users why they should engage with your brand. Therefore, we help with these assets so that you have peace of mind when launching your mobile strategy.

Partnering with YMedia is assurance that you have a full service agency as your partner in launching the most comprehensive and effective mobile strategy. As such, we have proven success in cross platform mobile development and working with brands from design stages to perfecting the digital brand strategy post-launch. We are the top digital agency to turn to for driving growth forward and optimizing your brand’s mobile strategy for success.