The retail shopping experience is always changing. Technology is often responsible for those changes because they enable brands to create digital transformations. Innovations like ecommerce, mobile devices, and augmented reality have all impacted the way we shop. As new technologies emerge, the customer experience continues to improve.

Businesses that want to take advantage of these trends should partner with digital transformation solution specialists. By doing so, they’ll be much more likely to offer their customers the kind of forward-thinking service they’ll appreciate.

The following examples demonstrate just a few of the ways digital transformation services have already revolutionized the shopping experience for the better. They’ll help you better understand how your company can do the same.

A Retailer Demonstrates Why the IoT Should be Part of Your Digital Transformation Strategy

The Internet of Things – which refers to devices connected over a network – has made shopping for clothes more convenient than ever. The digital transformations that result from such technology have been especially apparent in the retail sector.

For example, fashion brand Rebecca Minkoff has installed “smart mirrors” in the fitting rooms of several stores. When a customer enters the fitting room, a device detects which items they’re trying on by reading small chips attached to them.

The mirror essentially serves as a large tablet in this situation. Along with displaying the customer’s reflection, it can be used to request items in a different size from sales associates.

Not only is the mirror a means of digital transformation for the customer experience, but it’s also effective at boosting revenue for the brand. The technology helps the company increase sales by recommending items that complement the garments a customer is already trying on.

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A German Wine Store Uses Digital Technology to Transform the Customer Experience

A digital transformation strategy can make it much easier for customers to find what they’re looking for when they shop. Germany’s BASF wine stores have demonstrated this with an app that asks customers to enter information about the type of wine they’re interested in.

The app suggests relevant wines and even highlights them on a digital store shelf. Thus, finding the ideal wine at the actual brick-and-mortar store is simpler than ever with this digital transformation solution.

These Major Brands Offer Augmented Reality as a Digital Transformation Solution

Augmented reality, made popular by apps like Snapchat and Pokemon Go!, allows users to superimpose virtual images over the real world as displayed via a mobile device or wearable headset. Major brands are already leveraging this technology in their digital transformation strategy to improve ecommerce options.

For instance, Sephora offers customers an app through which they can “try on” virtual makeup over a selfie. With IKEA’s AR app, customers can superimpose virtual renderings of furniture over their immediate surroundings, making it much easier to determine if a given item is right for their home.

Again, these products offer a digital transformation of the customer experience that allows brands to better serve their customers, while also boosting sales.

Why Partner With a Digital Transformation Agency?

Brands that take advantage of digital transformation services to serve their customers better can enjoy more sales, increased brand loyalty, and more opportunities to learn about what their customers want and expect from them.

However, the technologies used in a digital transformation strategy are constantly developing. That’s why it’s important to partner with experts who are thoroughly familiar with their capabilities.

By recruiting help from a digital transformation agency who know how to leverage these technologies to their full potential, your brand will establish itself as the kind of company that’s always striving to serve customers better than ever before.