Many agencies rush in on launching the mobile product before taking the necessary steps needed in crafting an appropriate strategy. We choose to start with why you should develop a mobile design before helping you turn that idea into a comprehensive digital branding strategy.

Your project will fail if the product you are building is not fulfilling an immediate need for mobile users. With the right digital project management, you can formulate a customer experience strategy that prioritizes the UX design process for the best possible outcomes.

With our expertise in cross-platform mobile development and launching digital branding strategies, we are able to help you grow your business, in every way.

A Project Management Strategy for Your Digital Experience

We believe in a digital experience management approach that allows us to work closely with you throughout every step of the digital design process, from ideation to mobile strategy development to successful completion. We use a proprietary project management process that we have designed and refined over time to reach your company’s strategic and tactical goals. This solution incorporates the best user experience design, digital branding strategies, and top mobile development techniques.

We will help you build the best products across devices for an omnichannel customer experience, on time and on budget. Our digital project management services have been proven to yield results that will impress your users and achieve key performance indicators. By taking a platform-agnostic approach to digital design and development, we’re able to provide the ultimate digital experiences, from development to launch.

Our digital management process

Step 1: Understand the overall company digital strategy, dependencies, and competitors

  • Analyze your company’s digital branding strategy, key performance indicators and target goals for the next five years.
  • Focus on your customer journey map.
  • Understand your company’s direct competitors.
  • Define the strengths, weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats that can impact the success of your product.

Step 2: Define your Enterprise Mobile Strategy

  • Define the elevator pitch idea that will drive your mobile strategy.
  • Build the mobile development roadmap.
  • Document the resources and budget needed to execute your mobile strategy.
  • Define the technology stack.
  • Choose Agile Development over Waterfall Development as a core component of your mobile app development strategy.

Step 3: Define the Single Product Strategy

  • Create your product strategy by defining clear use cases based on the customer journey map already laid out.
  • Define your target audience.
  • Define your Data Points & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Determine if you need a Hybrid or a Native mobile design.
  • Determine the first platform you want to build the app on – iOS or Android.

Step 4: Define the Product Management Implementation Strategy

  • Define your Minimum Viable Product.
  • Determine and enforce your non-functional requirements.
  • Define your Testing Strategy.
  • Define the tools you will need to manage your mobile product successfully.
  • Stand by for post-product support.