Creating beautiful and intuitive mobile designs that serve the immediate needs of a user is great. Developing a digital branding strategy that will make your product known and downloaded by millions of users is even better. And that’s what we strive for here at Y Media Labs. No digital design is truly successful unless you have a very clear mobile engagement strategy on how to capture audience insights. Additionally, you need app analytics tools in place to measure user engagement.

As a top full service agency, we will assist you from design to developing a mobile engagement strategy. Also, we’ll act as a partner who  will help you develop your customer journey map and optimize your mobile design.

Custom Mobile App Development & Analytics Tools

The importance of having a clear mobile app analytics strategy cannot be overstated. Tracking the engagement of your audience by setting up checks and balances to analyze how your customers are using your product is an essential component of every mobile strategy. Also, this helps to define the user experience. At Y Media Labs, we have a premiere set of app analytics tools at our disposal to help you develop the best user engagement strategy. And we have the track record to prove it.

We’ll help you create mobile personas, build a customer journey map, conduct a target audience analysis, develop an amazing digital experience and the best mobile app UX design. We accomplish all of this while also focusing on making sure you can track the success of your digital design. Therefore, we help develop  a comprehensive mobile engagement strategy.

Mobile App Analytics & Engagement Strategy

During our standard custom mobile app development  process, analytics tools are used to help you get insights into the best practices for tracking the overall success of your mobile design. Also, we'll be there to  help you implement mobile engagement strategies. In particular, and depending on the nature of your mobile product needs, we will help you devise engagement strategies to measure:

  • Mobile retention rates
  • Lifetime value for mobile users
  • In-app referrals
  • Overall product performance and potential bottlenecks
  • App ratings and review analytics
  • In-product feedback
  • AOV per users vs AOV per paying user
  • App user conversion points
  • Mobile revenue to target reporting
  • First-time mobile users drop-off points
  • Mobile user type tracking
  • User sessions on mobile
  • Mobile event tracking
  • Mobile funnel tracking
  • ….and much more.

Determining which analytics tools will be most helpful to you when it comes to tracking and analyzing performance comes down to asking the right questions. Time and time again, our user research methodology has proven to be accurate in identifying those questions. Therefore, we are here not only to help you with your custom mobile app development. We are also here to assist with devising an engagement strategy and setting up the analytics tools to measure the ROI of your app.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you build or optimize the best mobile design your company has ever seen.