At Y Media Labs, we take pride in building unforgettable and unmatched hybrid mobile apps, on time and on budget. With our technical cross platform  app development expertise, cutting-edge technologies, and the latest multi platform app development frameworks, we’re sure you’ll be in awe as your vision come to life. We also follow enterprise-grade best practices for cross platform mobile development solutions to ensure that your mobile product meets and exceeds the standards for the best hybrid mobile apps on the market.

We have what it takes as one of the best cross platform app development agencies to help you build successful omnichannel customer experiences on both the iOS and the Android platforms. Our user-centric approach to hybrid and native app development lets us create digital experiences your customers will love.

We recognize that there are various technology decisions within the cross platform mobile development process that you must make depending on your timeline and budget, and we are prepared to offer you comprehensive multi platform app development  solutions that are custom-designed based on your immediate needs and goals.

We offer various options for Android and iOS development depending on your target audience, key performance indicators and your time-to-market plan.

Native iOS / Android App Development

Native applications dominate the market in terms of adoption, user engagement, and user satisfaction. They continue to be the fastest, most intuitive and easiest-to-use mobile designs out there. Native apps also benefit from being able to use device-specific capabilities that are known to provide users with an exceptionally personalized user experience (geo-location, native camera, calendar functions, etc).

We have built hundreds of intuitive and successful native applications using the native app development tools specific to each mobile platform (Xcode and Objective-C for iOS, Eclipse and Java for Android apps). You can trust our top cross platform mobile development company to build yours, too!

Hybrid apps

Hybrid apps are web applications built using HTML5 and JavaScript, wrapped in native containers that load most of the information on the page as users navigate through the applications.

At Y Media, we realize that not every client requires  fully native mobile app development. Our in-house talent is well versed in building hybrid apps that are optimized to provide an outstanding omnichannel customer experience. Hybrid app development is a great alternative for companies interested in mobile app portability (having one code base deployed across multiple platforms), faster speed to market and cheaper origination costs. If the benefits of hybrid app development are  what your company is looking for, we’ve got you covered!

Which strategy for multi platform app development is best for your company?

At Y Media Labs, we operate under a very simple premise: we are only successful if our clients are successful. Instead of trying to convince our clients to adopt one digital transformation solution over another, we take the time to talk through your business needs, goals and expectations. We help you define your overall cross-platform mobile development strategy and we will explore with you the pros and cons of each approach (native vs hybrid apps) before you choose one type of multi platform app development  over the other.

We help you determine the costs and benefits of each technology stack so you and your stakeholders can make an informed decision long before we even write the first line of code.

We’re with you the entire way in order to make sure your users enjoy the best omnichannel customer experience. Let’s get started!