Developing Cross-Channel Apps That Influence Consumer Purchasing Decision

Smartphones have completely transformed the shopping experience in recent years. Here's how to develop cross-channel apps that dramatically boost sales.

Phasing Out the ‘Human’: Can Technology Cure Modern Loneliness

As technology continues to advance rapidly, are we nearing a time when it can help us cure modern loneliness?

The Secrets to Successful Brand Building Tomorrow

Today's consumers want experiences, so brands need to refocus their messaging through memorable moments that solve problems.

How to Calculate ROI for AR Technologies

Calculating ROI for AR is more accurate than for any other digital marketing methods. Here's what to know about the earnings potential of AR technology.

Let’s Kondo Up Our Digital Universe

Work should solve real problems, honing in on and delivering value in the space of unmet needs.

How Insurers Can Help Their Clients Live Safer Lives with Mobile

Insurance companies can build mobile apps to help their clients live safer lives. This article shows some of the main use cases for insurers

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