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Innovation is growth: our dedicated in-house Innovation Labs team creates new concepts that change the way our customers innovate in their business.

Innovation Labs

What YML is Doing to Help Reshape Early Education Learning in a Screen Obsessed Society

At YML, our curiosity in early education has continued to grow. We decided to further explore how we could bring the power of AI development to education
Innovation Labs

The Bartender of the Future?

Meet Niq, the intelligent bartender. He can recognize people and greet them by name, give drink recommendations and pour drinks without a click of a button.
Innovation Labs

Innovations in Healthcare: Leveraging Alexa for Patients on the Box Platform

We applied Amazon Alexa and Box Platform to the challenge of tracking medications and compliance to a medication regime for patients in the home.
Innovation Labs

Kontrol for Tesla App: New Ways to Optimize Your Driving Experience, in Style

New ways to optimize your driving experience, in style, with Kontrol for Tesla: our new free iOS app.
Innovation Labs

In-Store Analytics with Ad Tracker – Do People Really Like Your Ads and Marketing Displays?

Get analytics reporting from any in-store video thanks to our latest creation: Ad Tracker.
Innovation Labs

Using Chat Bots in the Banking Industry: 12 Opportunities and Challenges for 2017

In today’s post, we are going to take the banking industry and show you exactly how amazing, powerful and useful chat bots can be.
Innovation Labs

Uber vs Lyft – Who is loved more? A deep dive analysis using Google’s Sentiment Analysis API

There’s a (fairly) simple way to see how Lyft and Uber’s customers feel about them: discover the power of Google Sentiment Analysis API.
Innovation Labs

Introducing DISKOURSE: The New Social Platform Connecting Trump and Clinton Supporters

Chat in civilized, one-on-one discussions on the issues that matter most in the volatile 2016 U.S. presidential election.

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