April 26, 2017

Chatbots in the Banking Industry – Discussing a More Efficient Future

Chatbots are a new and exciting technology projected to disrupt how companies and customers interact on a daily basis. Like any new technology, chatbots are not without controversy...

Whereas the chatbot industry, like everything else that is new, needs time to mature, one thing is for sure: it’s here to stay. 17 million people use Amazon Echo on a weekly basis (which is ultimately powered by chatbots). Google has released their own chatbot smart assistant - Google Home. Apple is rumored to be entering the same market in the next year after testing similar concepts with Siri since 2011.

In this white paper, we look at how chatbots can specifically be of assistance for the financial world – fintech and traditional banking companies alike. We analyze their biggest benefits, future potential, and current limitations.

This will help banking executives reading understand whether or not chatbots can be a strategic investment for their company – today or in the future.

Key highlights:

  • What chatbots are and why the financial industry needs them
  • Key business benefits for chatbots
  • Bots’ role in operational efficiency and analytics
  • Chatbot challenges and limitations
  • Case study: Digit.co – an excellent chatbot showing what bots can do when implemented well

Learn what chatbots can do for the financial industry:

April 14, 2017

How to Choose Wisely Between a Native and a Hybrid Application

Perhaps the most important decision a company must make before entering the world of mobile app development concerns the approach they wish to take when building a mobile app.

Do you want to astound and entice your users by building an entirely native application that integrates into the platform of their choice (Android or iOS)? Or are you more interested in taking a Minimum Viable Product approach and quickly developing a hybrid application that can be released across platforms?

Though potentially easier to build and maintain, this second strategy is likely to result in a less than ideal user experience with subpar performance.

In this white paper, we compare and contrast the benefits and tradeoffs of building a native versus hybrid application. We examine all the main factors impacted by each of the two approaches, such as website performance, user experience, speed to market, and release cycles.

Key highlights:

  • Overview of native vs hybrid quick wins
  • How app performance is impacted by each development approach
  • Native vs hybrid app differentiators

Learn How to Choose Wisely Between a Native and a Hybrid Application:

October 22, 2016

Fintech Insights 2016

The year is 2026.

I just received a mortgage approval without speaking to a single banker. I waited one day for everything to clear out.

My retirement savings has been invested securely and efficiently for the past 5 years with real-time data to help me make better decisions without the use of a broker or typical broker fees...

This is not science-fiction.

The last 2-3 years have been incredibly kind to significant advancements in financial technology, increasingly known as the emerging field of Fintech.

Discover the emerging solutions that can help you manage your financial life in new, exciting ways.

January 28, 2016

Simple First Step in Building Your Mobile App

Did you ever wonder what a top mobile developer does when creating a new app?

In this free ebook, we are going to show you our best practices, which you can apply to strategy, user experience and user design.

We'll go into details of insights for some popular apps, to help you understand your target market and how your product can provide new value to your customers.

Define your unique mobile path today.

September 11, 2015

Free report: What mobile and driverless car have in common?

Apple, Uber, Tesla and Google are all developing automated cars for introduction to the consumer market within the next few years.

Google indicates that driverless car can reduce traffic accidents, wasted commute time and reduce the number of cars by 90%!

As you can see, the consequences and opportunities are enormous and could change the way car insurance companies operate.

We believe that mobile innovation can help companies prosper when new technologies emerge, so we analyzed impact of driverless cars on Insurers.

Discover our findings and our recommends 7 steps to mitigate risks by investing in mobile.

September 1, 2015

Free Ebook: How We Created The Leading in Enterprise File Sharing App

How did we manage to build an award winning enterprise app?

The task was difficult: we needed to create an enterprise file sharing experience that gives business users what they want, and IT employees what they need.

This case study highlights our client’s goals, and provides a detailed breakdown of the challenges we faced, the solutions we delivered, and the logic behind them. And most importantly the client business benefits.

Find out how we managed a highly complex mobile project with a Fortune 500 company, and learn how you can leverage our key takeaways with your next mobile project.


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