December 14, 2020, renowned as the "world's largest enterprise AI production footprint," has officially IPO'd and is quickly surpassing expectations, highlighted by the stock's massive ascent into triple digits on its first day of trading on Wednesday, Dec. 9.

C3 partnered with YML in 2019 to redesign the company's marketing website. The final product was ultimately built to be as simple and innovative as the product itself, focusing on rich customer-centric content and clear, intuitive design (see the case study).

The enterprise AI company helps their customers deploy, scale, and achieve digital transformation through AI software. With C3, business users can build custom applications that run AI models without writing code, or they can use pre-made tools that are tailored for the needs of different industries.

The newly designed experience, built by YML.

"C3's successful IPO marks another impactful digital transformation for a YML client," shared Ashish Toshniwal, CEO and co-founder of YML. "We have laid digital foundations for startups like Credit Karma, PayPal, Deserve, Health Equity, and — all of which have IPO’d, gone public, or have huge valuations — and now we're thrilled to have contributed to C3's growth." was founded by Tom Siebel, the Silicon Valley software maker and former Oracle Corp. executive.

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