There are thousands of mobile app agencies in the US and countless more around the globe. Maybe you need some help launching your first mobile app to the market. Or maybe you are an executive at an established company that is either looking to revamp its mobile presence or cut through the red tape and get a mobile project to the market ASAP.

Either way, how do you tell which company you should go with?

If you are looking for a mobile dev agency to do business with, there are a few factors you should consider:

  • The reputation of the agency in question
  • Its prior client list and testimonials
  • The mobile products they have built and launched
  • What employees have to say about their workplace (better ratings means higher engagement and better quality)

At Y Media Labs, as one of the top players in the market, we have always kept a close eye on the mobile app industry. So we put together a list of mobile app companies that we think are the best in the industry — who lead through their culture, results, client satisfaction and end user testimonials.

Full disclosure: we are not paid to create this top list. It’s simply our own take on the market we are in. Simply put, we believe they can get the mobile job done.

Our list is split by verticals — we looked at:

  • The mobile gaming app development industry
  • High-end mobile app agencies
  • Top affordable mobile app agencies

Within each vertical we analyzed the following factors to determine the rankings:

  • Who they are
  • What they’re known for
  • Notable clients
  • Client satisfaction (based on ratings & reviews)
  • Employee satisfaction (based on Glassdoor ratings & reviews)

Without further ado, here’s our list of top-notch mobile app development companies.

Premium Mobile App Agencies

These agencies offer end-to-end solutions in mobile app strategy, app development, launching and marketing a new mobile product.

Y Media Labs


Who they are: Y Media Labs is an award-winning digital agency headquartered in Silicon Valley, with satellite offices in Atlanta, Indianapolis, New York, Chicago and Bangalore, India. In May 2015, MDC Partners announced a majority stake in Y Media Labs, citing the company’s rapid growth to over 200 employees (at that time) and its impressive client list. In 2016, the company announced that it was expanding its strategic reach beyond mobile app development toward product branding, web development and digital design.

What they’re known for: If you look up “best mobile app development agencies” in Google, chances are you will see Y Media Labs listed on pretty much any Top Ten list article. YML has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, and has developed and launched mobile products currently used by more than 300 hundred million users around the world.

In 2010, Y Media Labs made the news for developing an application which caught Steve Jobs’ attention. YML released one of the first iPad applications for a company called Montessorium, in which both Ashish Toshniwal and Sumit Mehra were equity holders. After looking at the app, Steve Jobs sent out a simple email to its founders writing: “I love what you are doing. Thank you. Let me know if we can help.

Notable Clients: Apple, Facebook, Staples, American Express, eBay, EMC, First Data, L’Oreal, Sesame Street, Bank of America, and Credit Karma are just some of the brands that trust Y Media Labs with their development needs.

Client Satisfaction: Y Media Labs has a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Clients praise Y Media Labs’ highly skilled engineers, strategic thinking and “get it done” mentality. Clients also report returning to Y Media Labs to do additional business due to their excellent record of delivering on time and on budget.

Employee Satisfaction: Y Media Labs holds a 4.1 out of 5 score on Glassdoor. Employees talk about the excellent work culture, flexibility, exciting client work and employee perks. Y Media Labs also features one of the highest CEO approval ratings on Glassdoor at 95%. They also praise the career growth opportunities, “innovation first” mentality and talented co-workers.

YML helps brands like Apple, PayPal, L'Oreal, Home Depot, and Staples develop solutions that drive major business outcomes.

Discover their latest work here.


Razorfish (now part of Sapient)


Who they are: Razorfish, part of Publicis Groupe, provides services including web development, media planning and buying, technology and innovation, emerging media, analytics, mobile, advertising, creative, social influence marketing and search.

What they’re known for: Razorfish is known for being a one-stop shop for complex digital and marketing projects requiring a wide variety of skills and expertise. The company has shown world-class capabilities in strategic consulting, experience design, brand building, technology platforms, data services, retail/commerce and media services.

Notable Clients: McDonald’s, Mercedes-Benz USA, Microsoft, Nike, Unilever and Uniqlo

Client Satisfaction: The company is not listed on any client review websites. However, Razorfish acquired Neev Information Technologies in 2013, a mobile app development agency with offices in Bangalore and Pune, India. Neev holds a 4.3 out of 5 rating on Customers report that mobile app developers at Razorfish’s subsidiary are knowledgeable, friendly and easy to communicate with. They also report that the company has a very strong technical background.

Employee Satisfaction: Razorfish has a 3.5 out of 5 rating on Glassdoor and a 66% approval rate for their CEO. Employees praise the great work/life balance, smart and passionate coworkers and room for upward mobility.



Who they are: AKQA is a San Francisco-based marketing, IT and mobile app agency with an impressive list of customers and viral products launched to market over the years. They specialize in designing mobile apps and digital services.

What they’re known for: The company is famous for their product development, ecommerce expertise, analytics and content creation services.

Notable Clients: Activision, Audi, Delta, Nike, Starbucks, Rolls-Royce and Verizon

Client Satisfaction: AKQA is not listed on any client review websites and does not release any testimonials from its current clients.

Employee Satisfaction: AKQA has a 3.2 out of 5 rating on Glassdoor and a 62% approval rate of its CEO. Employees really like the client work (big brands), international presence across markets and the doer mentality of other coworkers.



Who they are: IDEO is an award-winning global design and innovation agency. They design and launch innovative products, services, ventures, and brands by combining business acumen with human-centered market insights.

What they’re known for: The company is most famous for its design strategy and services.

Notable Clients: Clients include Air New Zealand, Coca-Cola, ConAgra Foods, Eli Lilly, Ford, Medtronic, Sealy, and Steelcase, among many others

Client Satisfaction: IDEO is not listed on any client review websites and does not release any testimonials from its current clients.

Employee Satisfaction: IDEO holds a 4 out of 5 rating on Glassdoor and an 87% approval rate for their CEO. Employees praise the talented co-workers, great life-work balance, great culture and fun work environment.

Dom and Tom


Who they are: Dom & Tom is an end-to-end digital product development studio focused on emerging technologies. The offer both mobile app services and cross-platform support for web and mobile. The company is headquartered in New York City and has satellite offices in Chicago and Culver City, California.

What they’re known for: The company specializes in digital strategy, UX & UI design and mobile development. They feature an impressive client list across numerous industries like Travel, Healthcare, Education, Finance and more. Dom and Tom has built over 100 native mobile apps and has worked on more than 300 web projects.

Notable Clients: Some of Dom & Tom’s key clients include Priceline, General Electric, Bonobos, Citibank, AIG and Bloomberg.

Client Satisfaction: Dom and Tom has a 4.8 out of 5 rating on Reviewers talk about the approachable nature of the staff, as well as the quality of their digital strategists and developers. Some clients express their gratitude for the fact that Dom and Tom has finished projects under budget and ahead of schedule without sacrificing the quality of the product.

Employee Satisfaction: Dom and Tom has a 4.8 out of 5 rating on Glassdoor and a 99% approval rate for their CEO. Employees praise the incredibly flexible work schedule and the unlimited vacation, sick days and holiday policies. They also praise the collaborative culture, professional growth opportunities and great client work.

Top 5 Affordable App Agencies

Note that all the companies below have hourly development rates of $50 — $99, which is the definition of affordability that we’re using for this section.

Snap Mobile


Who they are: Snap Mobile is a Chicago-based agency taking a modular approach to custom app development. Their mobile app development strategy allows them to build iOS and Android apps within 4 weeks for a flat fee. Their specialty is working with clients who are constrained by tight budgets and timelines, such as bootstrapped entrepreneurs or innovation teams within large companies.

What they’re known for: Snap Mobile has a reputation for helping startups go to market successfully on time and on budget. They work with clients to define a minimal feature set, build and release the apps in a month, then iterate rapidly based on user feedback and market data.

Notable Clients: some of their clients include Insureon, Maple & Ash (high-end steakhouse), Kimpton, Mitsubishi and Hilton.

Client Satisfaction: SnapMobile gets a 4.9 out of 5 on Their hourly development rates are reported to be between $50 and $99. Reviewers mention the company’s ability to come up with new ideas, the employees’ humble and honest approach to app development and the company’s overall responsiveness. They also get high marks on project management, excellent execution and due diligence.

Employee Satisfaction: The company is not yet rated on Glassdoor.



Who they are: Intersog is a Chicago-based provider of ROI-driven custom web and mobile development solutions and project resources to Fortune 500 companies, SMEs and startups. Intersog has an impressive list of Fortune 500 clients in their portfolio and is featured in various tech magazines and Top Ten Best Development Agencies lists. They are headquartered in Chicago, with satellite offices in Ukraine and Canada.

What they’re known for: Intersog specializes in six industries: Automotive, Education, Healthcare, Information Technologies, Retail and Sports & Wellness. They are also known and well praised for their Big Data & Analytics services.

Notable Clients: Some of their clients include CDW, Mitsubishi Motors, Neustar, and Video Medicine.

Client Satisfaction: Intersog has a 4.5 out 5 rating on Clients mention Intersog’s focus on user experience, on-time deliverables, quality work and their collaborative nature and input.

Employee Satisfaction: The company has a 3.8 out of 5 rating on Glassdoor and a 100% approval of the CEO rating. Employees talks about the great corporate culture, dynamic work environment, great client work, independence, flexibility and fair salaries.



Who they are: Appster is a full-scale mobile & web app development agency with a staff of 400 people. They specialize in mobile app design, product strategy, user acquisition and growth hacking. They are headquartered in San Francisco, with satellite offices in Melbourne (Australia), California, New York and Gugaon (India).

What they’re known for: Appster offers both startup and enterprise solutions. Their apps have been featured multiple times in the App Store in the Gaming, Health & Fitness and Finance categories. Their mobile products have been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Huffington Post, Business Insider, and BBC BRW.

Notable Clients: Bluedot (startup now valued at 14 million dollars), MyOwnCFO app (used by 2 million users), Food Craze, Ready Doctor, etc.

Client Satisfaction: Appster gets a 4.7 out of 5 rating on from their clients. Reviewers note that Appster meets the deadlines and delivers on their promises. Clients also note the exceptional quality of work, technical knowledge and communication style.

Employee Satisfaction: Appster has a 4.1 out of 5 rating on Glassdoor and a staggering 100% approval rate of their CEO (note Appster has two co-CEOs). Employees mention the amazing work culture, top-down transparency, and work-life balance.

Dotcom Weavers


Who they are: Dotcom Weavers is a top-rated, award-winning web design, mobile app and development company, with offices in Paramus, New Jersey, Orlando, Florida and Hyderabad, India. They have completed more than 300 projects, working with companies ranging from bootstrap startups, small & medium companies, as well as larger clients.

What they’re known for: The company has a reputation of delivering complex mobile and web projects on a limited budget while not sacrificing on the quality of the work. They specialize in ecommerce and web applications.

Notable Clients: Some of their clients include: Pump Products, Global Sugar Art, Jamali Garden, Stow Simple, Beautyvice and LimoRide

Client Satisfaction: Dotcom Weavers gets a 4.8 out of 5 on Their hourly development rates are reported to be between 50 and 99 dollars. They get high marks for being very passionate, thoughtful and professional in their client interactions. Reviewers also note that Dotcom Weavers are very cost-competitive and have great project management skills.

Employee Satisfaction: Dotcom Weavers has an impressive 4.9 out of 5rating on Glassdoor and a 100% satisfaction rate with the current CEO. Employees comment on the positive learning environment, work-life balance, approachable CEO, career growth opportunities and supportive work environment.

Opus Online


Who they are: Opus Online is a small (500 employees) agency with offices in the UK, US (Seattle) and Estonia. They are very price competitive and have delivered over 500 development projects across the US and Europe.

What they’re known for: Like other affordable agencies on this list, Opus Online has a reputation for delivering projects on time and on budget. They are also known for their great quality of work and approachable staff. The company is well equipped to deliver any small/ medium project from ideation to completion in both the US and European markets.

Notable Clients: Telia, OMD Worldwide, Rovio, Expert, Rahva Raamat, Sorainen, DietBooster

Client Satisfaction: Opus Online has an impressive 4.9 out of 5 rating on Clients comment on the company’s efficient and transparent staff. They also get good marks on communication, quality of work and responsiveness.

Employee Satisfaction: The company is not yet rated on Glassdoor.

Best Mobile Gaming App Agencies

If you’re on the market and would like to build a great mobile app game, these are some great companies in the field!



Who they are: Supercell is the company every app agency in the world should aspire to become. It started with five people crammed in a small office in Espoo, Finland’s second largest city, in 2010. After developing some 20 games (most of which actually failed), Supercell is now the single most valuable mobile app company in the world, valued at more than 5.5 billion dollars. Across the board, from revenue to employee morale, Supercell ranks highest on our list of mobile gaming development companies. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, with satellite offices in San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing. According to their website, they have 190 developers on staff. The company no longer works with clients and is focused exclusively on building their own proprietary games.

What they’re known for: Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Hay Day games. The three games continue to rank in the Top 40 for the App Stores over the last three years. Clash Royale is #1 in top downloads and top grossing games in the US and 44 other countries.

Employee satisfaction: The company holds a solid 4.2 score on Glassdoor. Employees praise the company’s culture, CEO, company process, growth opportunities and overall vision. They also appreciate the work flexibility policies and the innovative culture allowing developers to propose and present any new app idea to their chairman and get a team to develop it.



Who they are: ZCO corporation is a New Hampshire-based mobile app agency. They offer various mobile app services with mobile app gaming development being one of their biggest sources of revenue. ZCO has been in business for over 25 years and specializes in 3D animation, augmented reality and mobile app development.

What they’re known for: ZCO is a one-stop shop for gaming projects from ideation to release. They have 2D & 3D app developers on staff who are proficient in both Android and iPhone game development. When testing some of their games, we were really impressed with the high definition graphics, animation, sound and game performance.

Notable Clients/Apps: Dino Fight, Hungry Bunny, Kung Fu Spinner, Domino Rollout games.

Client Satisfaction: ZCO corporation has a great score of 4.7/5 on Reviewers speak of the company’s creative solutions, flexible partnership model and “millions of downloads, a high rating and good rankings in the app store.” (source)

Employee Satisfaction: ZCO wins an almost perfect score based on employee reviews on Glassdoor with an impressive 4.9 out of 5 rating. Employees talk of life-work balance, great employee perks, casual work environment and lack of micromanagement.



Who they are: zGames is the game development division of Softeq, a software development agency located in Houston, Texas, founded in 1997. The company has an impressive list of games launched on both Android and iOS, with millions of happy users.

What they’re famous for: Kids’ games, adventure games and remakes of classic video games.

Notable Clients/Apps: zGames does not release its client list, but does have a featured list of games they have worked on here. zGames has made a series of remakes of classic games including Pong World and QIX Galaxy. They have also worked on Fright Fight, a cross-platform 3D online game.

Client Satisfaction: zGames has a 4.5/5 rating on Clients talks about zGames’ ability to be very responsive and very easygoing to work with. They also praise zGames for the high quality and professional look of their games.

Employee satisfaction: zGames is not listed as its own entity on Glassdoor since it is a division of Softeq. On the other hand, Softeq gets a 4.6 out of 5rating from its employees. Developers mention the great atmosphere, the company’s approachable CEO, good corporate values and efficient management.

Nimblechapps Ltd


Who they are: For companies on a budget, India-based game development company Nimblechapps may provide a great alternative to high-end mobile dev agencies. They have a solid portfolio, good client list and employee recommendations. They have successfully launched multiple mobile games on both Android and iOS.

What they’re famous for: Nimblechapps is known for their great communication skills and cost effectiveness. They’ve also been reported to deliver their games on time and often under budget.

Notable Clients/Apps: Scare Prank, RaceTrak, UFO Craze, Dream Destroyer, Get Donald (yes, it’s a game about President Trump!)

Client Satisfaction: The company has a 4.8/5 rating on Former clients note that Nimblechapps has successfully released games to App Stores without any production bugs, on time and on budget. Multiple clients have reported working on various projects with Nimblechapps, suggesting Nimblechapps has great long-term retention rates with their client base.

Employee satisfaction: Nimblechapps holds a 5 out of 5 rating on Glassdoor (albeit from only three reviews). Employees talk of balanced workload, great work atmosphere, flat structure and good working relations among coworkers.

Tintash Labs


Who they are: Tintash is a mobile gaming agency with offices in Sequel, California and Lahore, Pakistan. It was formed by Stanford University alumni ten years ago.

What they’re known for: The company provides 2D/3D artwork, sound design, game testing and mobile game product strategy. They have an impressive list of games launched on both iOS and Android with excellent graphics. You can check out their portfolio here.

Notable Clients. The company worked with BBC Worldwide, Chillingo, PocketGems and PlayFirst, Digital Chocolate and MotionMath, among others.

Client Satisfaction: Tintash has a 4.7 rating out of 5 on Clients give Tintash high grades on responsiveness, flexibility, and work ethic. They also praise the company’s ability to deal with issues in a very resourceful way.

Employee Satisfaction. Tintash has 5 stars on Glassdoor (albeit from only two reviews). Employees mention the company’s open and friendly culture, lack of politics and red tape, calling it “an overall good learning experience.” (source)

These are the best Mobile App Development Agencies

In this article we wanted to take a look at our own industry and rank some of the best mobile app agencies out there for every budget.

The companies we included on this list have excelled in five different fields: reputation, client list, products launched to market, client reviews and employee reviews.

Who is your favorite mobile app agency?